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Rules and Regulations You are the light of the world
  • Youth, who have passed 10th std and also got catechism clearance certificate have to become a member.
  • He/she must be a christian to become a GNCYM, Outstations christian are most welcome in GNCYM.
  • They must understand that the main objective of GNCYM is service of god and they should do their duty wholeheartedly.
  • Members should attend general body meetings as when it happens, if by any circumstances any member cannot attend the meeting they should inform the office bearers at the earliest and also ask the secretary to brief the meeting.
  • Members should not use their phone during the meetings.
  • Every month GNCYM members have to donate 50 rupees and Cabinet members 500 rupees for GNCYM Fund.
  • Members should not use the GNCYM fund for their personal benefits, if they want to use then they have to refund it.
  • Members are obliged to give their valuable suggestions to the office bearers.
  • In case, if a member has some doubts he/she has the duty to contact the office bearers.
  • Members should know that the "terms of office" for the office bearers are for 3 yrs.
  • Members will not be allowed to attend the meeting, if he/she has taken alcohol or drugs.
  • Members should not reveal the secrets or any other important point discussed in the meeting to other parish youth.
  • Members are not allowed to use the name or tag of GNCYM until and unless they have taken permission from either the president or the parish priest.
  • Members are not allowed to use weapons or abusive languages during the meeting.