Greater Noida Catholic Youth Movement (GNCYM) is the youth wing of Greater Noida youngsters who are Catholics, comes under Agra Archdiocese. GNCYM was officially founded on 11th July 2010 with few teenagers with an aim of spreading the word of god with the help of youth. The faction with its motto “be the light of the world” inspire and motivate the other youngsters to join the youth wing.

GNCYM engages in forming itself to be the light of the world. Catholic Church provides a very strong platform for youth to realize its true potential by absorbing them in various church and social activities.

Youth members are one of the main pillar of the Christianity to motivate other peoples regarding their duties towards being a true Christian which symbolize how the Christians should be. This can be executed by being active in church and other social responsibilities that they undertake from time to time depending upon the situation currently going on.

This Faction inspires and motivates young minds to spread the Christ’s good news to the world by doing several activities in different fields like helping the poor’s by different means, knowing about their needs and talents which they hardly know about and are afraid to show in front of the world. .

By involving the faction in creative and constructive works in the prime of their youth wing, faction learn to be the torchbearers of Jesus Christ, their role model. To achieve this they are carefully guided by priests, nuns and other elders of the parish as the Church believes that the youth is the pillar of the Church. .

Vatican II expresses its hope in the youth as it conveys, “The Church looks to you with confidence and with love.” Further it exhorts the youth, “Look upon the Church and you will find in her the face of Christ, the genuine, humble, and wise Hero, the Prophet of truth and love, the Companion and Friend of youth.” (Vat II, 7th Dec 1965) .